FURCO has been making and helping with designing mechanical parts for global customers for thirty some years. With in house CNC precision machines, Zinc Die-Casting machines, CAD engineers, and graphic designers, we provide not only OE Manufacturing sevices but also Design Assistance & Engineering Solutions. In order to offer more services, FURCO also has been working with several experienced CNC machining partners as a manufacutring team. FURCO is the team leader for manufacturing, coordination, technical supports, and final quality inspection.

FURCO locates in Taiwan, manufactures in Taiwan, and offers responsive services from Taiwan. 

Our Germany and Japanese customers are satisfied with our quality. European and American customers trust in us for efficient design assistance work. Russian customers are happy with our quick-responsed services.


FURCO's main product range includes CNC Machined Parts, CNC machining parts, CNC turned parts, CNC precisions parts, OEM Parts, Zinc Die-Casting Parts, Aesthetics Design Products, Cabinet Handles, Cabinet Knobs, Machine Levelers, Furniture Hardware, and Towel Racks.


FURCO is an experienced supplier providing design and manufacturing consultations. Focus on your marketing work and feel relieved to hand us your manufacturing projects. FURCO will be your trustful partner.