Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and ODM Services

 .What services we can help you?

>> CNC machining (turing & milling), Zinc die-casting, Cabinet Handle Manufacture, stamping, forging, and so on<<

Check our "Products" to see what product ranges we manufacture.

We provide die casting, CNC machining (turning & milling), stamping, forging, and other processes you may use on metal parts. Of course, assembly can also be made from multiple parts.

Not only for metal parts, but we also provide carbon-fiber parts and plastic part manufacturing.

Our CAD engineers are experienced on helping developments; therefore, your ODM projects can be satisfied, also. 

.Why you choose us for your manufacturing?

We've been working with our clients from the US, Europea, and Japan for decades.

We are Taiwanese company. As you know, Japanese started to have their products manufactured in Taiwan when they decided to have overseas manufacturing. Like Germanies, Japanese are very careful on quality and good at manufacturing techs. Taiwanese learned quality control and techs not only from Japanese but also from every client overseas. Before China mainland, Taiwan had been manufacturing all kinds of products for worldwide consumers. Due to labor costs, China mainland has been world factory.

But why you still have to choose us for your manufacuting?

When you need fast and flexible services, you need us.

When you need good and steable quality, you need us.

Nowadays, labor costs in China is getting high. Sometimes, you may get better quotes from Taiwan.


 What products we can make for you?

.Cabinet handles & knobs plus furniture hardware.

.CNC machined parts (precision turning & milling) **especially good at stainless steel machining**

.Zinc Die casting parts & Aluminum die casting parts.

.Stamping parts

.Extruded parts

.Carbon fiber parts

.Plastic parts.

  • OEM/ODM Capability

  • CNC compound turning services : Diameter 10-55mm
    CNC precison turning services : Diameter 10-100mm
    CNC compoud turing (swiss type CNC) services: Diameter 2-20mm

  • CNC machining services : 1000mm(L) 550mm(W) 500mm(H)
    CNC machining services (Long Profile) : 65000mm(L) 300mm(W) 400mm (H)
  • Zinc Die-casting manufacturing services : 60T, 125T, 160T

  • Aluminum extrusion

  • Product development and prototype services